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TBM/TBF Avenger Simulator for FS9

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PLEASE NOTE, THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY THE PROVIDER or the Mid Atlantic Air Museum.  There are no refunds for this purchase.

"Aside from having what we feel are some of the best developers in the business on our unpaid but dedicated staff, we have another big advantage over other third party add-on teams and companies - we don't just have access to the real plane - we own it!"

The TBM in this FS aircraft add-on package has been designed to duplicate, in appearance, sound, and performance, the TBM-3 Avenger, tail number N109K, owned and operated by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum.  It was designed by Grumman, but built by the Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors.  (If the plane was built by Grumman it was designated TBF.  If it was assembled by Eastern, it was a TBM.  Other than the change in nomenclature, the TBF and TBM of the same model were identical. )  Our version is equipped with the necessary modern radios and the associated instruments that allow her to be flown in today's ATC environment.  It features MAAM-SIM's signature photo-real textures, inside and out...

In addition to the MAAM TBM, we have included four other, different Avenger models in this package with a total of sixteen liveries.  These models include:

The TBF-1/TBM-1, the first production model of the Avenger, differs from the later TBM-3 in engine, control panel, and some structural details in the cowl flaps, oil cooler flaps, arresting hook, and ventral gun position structure. 

There are no CD's available.  This will be an electronic download.  Once you submit your order, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your purchase.

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